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Original Generator Excavator Construction Marine Truck Engine Assembly QSL8.9-C360 8.9L 360 Horsepower

  • QSL8.9-C360

  • Cummins

  • Diesel Engine

  • 6

  • 8.9L

  • 264@2100

  • Standard

  • Car Bus Commercial Heavy Truck Construction Machine Drilling Machine Ship Boat Air Pump Excavator Generator Marine

  • Diesel Engine


QSL Series Cummins Engine

Product advantages:

Key components are developed and optimized for integration by Cummins, and customized secondary development for domestic customers, adhering to the reliability of original products while taking into account the specificity of domestic customers

Integrated oil-water pipelines replace traditional hoses, eliminating potential leakage hazards; Enhanced cooling and lubrication functions effectively extend the service life of the engine

Common rail fuel system (HPCR) is adopted to ensure rapid throttle response at different speeds, better power and fuel economy, and lower noise

Adopting an exhaust bypass turbocharger, the turbocharging is smoother at low speeds, and the power output is smoother at high speeds

The rear engine power output (REPTO) can be used to enhance the control ability of remote devices

Good cold start performance, even in cold regions, it can be easily started; Strong fuel adaptability, suitable for various global applications

The three-stage fuel filter ensures a balanced level of particle dispersion, protects the main components of the fuel system, and maximizes engine life

The electronic control system can intelligently switch working modes based on the environment and operating conditions, and has self diagnosis, alarm, and remote monitoring functions

Mature intelligent electronic control technology improves the overall performance of the engine, and engine specifications can be customized according to application needs


Rated power (kW@rpm)

Max. Torque (N.m@rpm)









supercharged and mid-cooling






supercharged and mid-cooling


Hubei Dongsheng Herui Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

    We supply products mainly from DCEC CCEC XCEC FOTON factories located across China. The genuine engines we carry include ISF2.8-3.8,B3.3,4B3.9, QSB4.5-6.7, 6B5.9, ISBe, 6CT8.3, 6L8.9, ISLe, M11, ISM11, QSM11, NT855, KT19,QSX15 and KT38 models. Our product catalog covers all series of the best selling parts such as A2300, B3.3, 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, ISBe, ISCe, ISDe, ISLe, M11,QSB, QSM, ISM, NT855, KT19, KT38, and more.


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