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Genuine Original 4BT 6BT Diesel Engine Parts Gear Housing 5267784 5267785

Type: Gear Housing
Application: Diesel Engine Parts
OE NO.: 5267784 5267785
Condition: New
  • 5267784 5267785

  • DCEC

  • 4BT 6BT

  • Marine Engine

  • Diesel

  • DCEC


The gear housing is one of the important parts of engine, and also the housing mainly used to install and fix the engine gears. It’s mainly made of gray iron and then completed by machining, and its general structure is relatively complex. In addition, in order to reduce the overall weight of gear housing, the wall thickness of it is often designed to be thin, which in turn can lead to the scrapping of workpiece if slight carelessness is made during the machining process.

Gears are indispensable components during engine operation, and their main function is to transmit power and control the direction of movement. Inside the engine, gears are usually used to transmit power, such as the power of crankshaft rotation to the camshaft, which then drives valves and oil pumps. Gears can also transmit rotational speed, for example, in a gearbox, gears can match the output speed of engine with the wheel speed through different sized gear sets.

Quality High Quality
Warranty 6 Months
Service Excellent After-sale Service
Package Carton Package
Delivery time 3-7 Working Days
Material Metal
Place of Origin Hubei,China
Marketing Type New Product 2023

Hubei Dongsheng Herui Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd.

We supply products mainly from DCEC CCEC XCEC FOTON factories located across China. The genuine engines we carry include ISF2.8-3.8,B3.3,4B3.9, QSB4.5-6.7, 6B5.9, ISBe, 6CT8.3, 6L8.9, ISLe, M11, ISM11, QSM11, NT855, KT19,QSX15 and KT38 models. Our product catalog covers all series of the best selling parts such as A2300, B3.3, 4B3.9, 6B5.9, 6C8.3, 6L8.9, ISBe, ISCe, ISDe, ISLe, M11,QSB, QSM, ISM, NT855, KT19, KT38, and more.





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